What Are the Vinyl Banner Accessories?

What Are the Vinyl Banner Accessories?

Vinyl banners have taken a significant place in the advertising market. They are made of high-quality weather-resistant materials. Modern technologies used in their manufacture allow the creation of original designs appealing to various spheres of advertising and marketing.

The vinyl banners, which Bannerstore.com produces, can be utilized for commercial and promotional purposes. What is more, they serve as elegant decorations for various occasions, and both individuals and commercial entities value them. Vinyl banners may be placed indoors and outdoors depending on their purposes. To secure reliable installation, the manufacturers provide all vinyl banners with a wide range of accessories. A great variety of vinyl banner accessories can be found at Bannerstore.com

A Wide Range of Vinyl Banner Accessories

The choice of Custom Banner accessories depends on several factors. First, there are accessories used for fastening vinyl banners to different surfaces. They include hooks, clips, ties, and grommets. Second, there are accessories for mounting vinyl banners on the walls both indoors and outdoors. There are tapes and ropes, suction cups, and other types of fasteners among them. Third, there is a group of accessories, which can be used for installing vinyl banners on banner stands and transporting them to particular places. All of the accessories available at Bannerstore.com are of high quality and have an exceptional design. Depending on the place of installation and the purpose of the application, the vinyl banners will be supplied with kits of suitable accessories, which will guarantee their secure installation and long service life period.

Hooks Are Great Accessories for Fastening Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are widely used indoors and outdoors. Having chosen a vinyl banner, which meets all commercial requirements, one must consider the place where it will be located. A banner may be installed on a wall, fastened to a post, and stretched over the door or across the road. This factor determines the choice of accessories. Hooks of any type are widely used in securing vinyl banners installation.
The hooks are usually made of metal of high quality. The fastening of a vinyl banner with hooks is possible when it has special holes for grommets and grommets being inserted as well. Metal hooks, which can be found at Bannerstore.com, are compatible with vinyl banners of any size and can be used indoors and outdoors. In addition, there are S-shaped hooks, which secure the installation of grommeted vinyl banners. These hooks work best for the vertical installation when a vinyl banner is fastened to the ceiling. Regarding the sign hooks, they are generally available in two sizes. The choice depends on the size of the vinyl banner to be installed. If the installation of a banner means fastening it directly to a wall, hook and loop fasteners serve a perfect alternative. They are extremely easy to use. No special skills are needed for placing and removing them. One can visit Bannerstore.com to select the banner accessories, which meet all requirements.

Installing Vinyl Banners through Clips Use

If you search for accessories to provide reliable fastening of a vinyl banner, clips are the best option. Their advantages are numerous. First of all, the installation of clips does not require time and effort. What is more, to fasten a vinyl banner with clips, you do not need to cut special holes as in the cases of using grommets and hooks. Besides, clips can be used more than once. If used and maintained properly, they will serve their purpose for quite a long time. Except for metal clips, there are ones made of high-quality plastic, typically black or white, which is quite durable and safe to use with vinyl banners. These clips are indispensable when vinyl banners need grommet-free installation. The use of plastic clips does not require any special skills or efforts. They are simply placed over a banner corner and pressed tightly for securing reliable fastening. As a result, a kind of a loop appears; therefore, a rope can be passed through it. Thus, a vinyl banner can be hung easily. Plastic clips can be removed easily as well and do not damage the material of a banner.

Indoor Installation with Ropes and Tapes

When a vinyl banner must be installed indoors, special banner ropes are the best choice. Strength and durability characterize them. In addition, they are cost-efficient and provide secure fastening of the vinyl banners of any dimension. Banner ropes are made of high-quality nylon so that they can be reused as many times as a customer wants. To install a vinyl banner with the help of a rope, one has to cut this rope to make it of two lengths. One part is used for the upper edge of a banner whereas another one is intended for the lower edge. To secure the fastening of a banner with a rope, one should pass this rope through a grommet and tie a knot on each of the corners of a banner. Therefore, it will not slide towards the center. Special hooks are provided alongside a rope to make the connection to a banner easier.

In case a vinyl banner is to be fastened to glass or any other smooth surface, suction cups are really helpful. They can bear a weight of more than 10 pounds; thus, they are able to hold quite large banners. Suction cups are glass-friendly. Therefore, the surface a vinyl banner is fastened to will not be scratched, cracked, or damaged in any other way.

Except for ropes and suction cups, Bannerstore.com offers a great variety of banner tapes, which are used not only for fastening the vinyl banners to the surfaces but also for preventing the banner edges from folding. Thus, the main function of a banner tape is the reinforcement of edges. Banner tapes are usually made of PVC and have a double coating. They are weather-resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Hem tapes are appropriate accessories for vinyl banners too. They are highly efficient in case a vinyl banner has to be reinforced without being sewn. Hem tape is weather-resistant; it can be easily and securely attached to any surface including glass, metal, and painted or low-energy walls.

Cable and Zip Ties and Bungees for Fastening Vinyl Banners

Apart from the accessories listed above, Bannerstore.com has a great variety of other fastening items to offer. Cable ties and bungees are among them. Although cable ties are not as versatile as elastic bungees, they can serve as a great alternative in securing vinyl banners installation. These ties provide tight and secure fastening. Bungees are the best accessories for fastening a vinyl banner to any railing or fence. First, they are quite long and are suitable for vinyl banners of any size. Second, bungees can be adjusted to every height and provide high tension. Besides, they are easy to use; it takes no time to install a vinyl banner with the help of these tools. Finally, since bungees are usually made of elastic materials, they prevent banners from being exposed to extreme strain.

Other items, which can be helpful in fastening vinyl banners to the posts or fences outdoors, are banner zip ties. A great variety of these accessories can be found at Bannerstore.com. Zip ties are cost-effective. Thus, any customer can afford to buy them. They are characterized by high durability and are quite easy to install. It is only necessary to loop zips through special grommeted holes and tightly fasten a banner to a surface.
Bungee cords are also used for installing vinyl banners. They usually come in a kit of four pieces and are utilized to secure each corner of a vinyl banner. One of the main advantages of bungee cords is the aspect that they are extremely resistant to bad weather, namely strong wind, due to the fact that they are produced from strong and elastic materials. It makes bungee cords a perfect option for placing banners outdoors. Being quite elastic, bungee cords do not allow a vinyl banner to tear. Finally, these vinyl banner accessories can be easily installed. The only things necessary for securing the installation are special grommets, which are also available on Bannerstore.com

Grommets Are Indispensable in Vinyl Banners Installation

Grommets are the accessories used in installing vinyl banners with the help of ropes, bungees or hooks. A grommet consists of two metal parts, which are pressed tightly against each other so that a strong hole is formed. Hooks, cords, ropes, and other fastening accessories simply pass through these holes. Then, they can be fastened to any surface. Thus, a vinyl banner is securely installed. Grommets allow fastening a vinyl banner without the use of any hems or adhesive materials like tapes. Grommets can also be used for reinforcing the vinyl banner sides distributing the weight along the whole surface. Thus, a vinyl banner does not lose its initial shape and does not stretch.

Whatever the purposes of vinyl banners are, Bannerstore.com offers a wide range of high-quality and cost-efficient accessories necessary for their installation. By following simple tips, the owners can extend the operation term of the vinyl banners. A Banner must be installed when the weather is good. One should follow the instructions and not hasten. Therefore, he/she will get the best results from the process.

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