The Definitive Guide for Offline Advertising

The Definitive Guide for Offline Advertising

The Definitive Guide for Offline Advertising

Many will agree that a banner can go a long way in getting your message across to the masses. Vinyl banners are an advertising tool that has been used for decades, lining the sides of some of the world’s most well-traveled streets and marketing the most well-known products throughout a wide variety of industries.

Any number of types of banners have the capacity to grab hold of an audience, draw in the attention of passersby, and bring awareness to your product or cause. Having said that, when deciding to utilize a banner for your advertising needs in today’s modern-day world, you’ll quickly notice that there are numerous choices to make regarding the details of your banner display. In addition to material, printing, design, color, and placement, a substantial thought to consider is the type of banner and the size that will do the best job in working to meet your needs and lead to conversions.

If throughout this journey and decision-making process, you’re thinking that creating the perfect banner is a bit more challenging than you’d previously thought, you’re not alone. Well fear not, we’re here to help you get informed about what it takes to make the process as smooth and as uncomplicated as possible. With this banner buying guide, we’re letting you in on our dynamic world of offline advertising and sharing the details on what it takes to create an exceptional banner display.

Banner Types 101: Taking a Look at Different Types of Banners

Why Choose Vinyl?

As we said before, there are numerous types of banners out there, each boasting unique characteristics. Choosing the right banner means choosing the special touch that can and will affect your marketing and advertising efforts. Along with the numerous types of banners available, are numerous materials that can be used for printing. With the many materials out there that could be chosen for your next display, how can you make a decision about which is the most efficient at creating an effective presentation? Perhaps you’ll take comfort in understanding the benefits of a particular material that is a true fan favorite. Many individuals flock towards the use of vinyl for their advertisement, and with good reason.

This material comes along with a wide range of benefits when considering its functionality in terms of print displays. First of all, utilizing vinyl for your banner leaves you with a final product that is easy to manage, roll up, and store. Vinyl is a material that can be easily manipulated and preserved, allowing you to use it as a long-term option or one that lasts over several seasons. Secondly, vinyl material is easy to clean and maintain. Because vinyl banners can be placed in an unlimited number of outdoor locations or used for long-term advertising in any indoor space, it is possible that the presentation will become dusty or stained. Despite this possibility, however, the vinyl material provides you with a demonstration that can be easily cleaned and made to look new with little to no effort. Unlike other materials, which may require special washing done by a professional, banners created with vinyl material can be wiped down with a simple wet cloth.

In addition to these benefits, vinyl is a good go-to material for many because of its durability and reliability. Vinyl is a heavy-duty material that can last for up to 5 years with proper storage and care. This display is a strong choice that can be easily personalized with the addition of wind slits, grommets, and pole pockets in order to fit into numerous diverse, unique settings and fulfill a variety of purposes.

A Deeper Look at Banner Material: The Benefits of 18-ounce Vinyl

Letting you in on all there is to know about the world of print displays comes with lots of responsibility. There are multiple decisions to be made about your banner, each with different options that have the potential to come together perfectly to create a visual masterpiece. We’ve shared the popularity of using vinyl to make a high-quality, vivid, professional display. Be that as it may, we can’t leave the subject of vinyl material without diving in further and taking a deeper look at the opportunities that exist with this choice. While lighter-weight vinyl materials are typically the standard for vinyl printed displays, it is essential to know that there are other options out there. 18-ounce vinyl is a heavy-duty, durable choice if you’re searching for a worthwhile alternative to the standard 13-ounce vinyl. 18-ounce vinyl is a weather-resistant option that can withstand rains, winds, and long-term use. What’s more, though a step up from the standard vinyl material, this heavier-duty vinyl is affordable, saving you a substantial amount considering the cost of the alternative textile or fabric printed displays.

Banners: Indoor or Outdoor?

At this point, it likely comes as no surprise that vinyl banners can be designed specifically for a large variety of settings and purposes. Among these various settings are numerous outdoor and indoor locations. Though the differences between indoor and outdoor banners may seem slight, it is important to know the traits that characterize each type, making them ideal for either indoor or outdoor settings.

Indoor banners are typically lighter-weight when compared with their outdoor counterparts. The standard, go-to material that is used with indoor banners is 13-ounce vinyl. Furthermore, these banners can be designed with either a semi-matte finish or a matte finish depending on the need. For a banner that will be central in many photo opportunities, or will be subject to high-lighting and exposure, a matte finish can help in eliminating shine and keeping your image, text, and design vivid and clear. What’s more, an indoor banner can be used with a variety of tools and accessories to help you achieve the presentation you’re going for. If you are searching for a banner to suspend or to utilize with a stand, the lightweight indoor banner is an exceptional choice.

An outdoor banner, just as with an indoor banner, includes a design process that leads to a final product that is filled with vibrancy and professionalism. An aspect that characterizes banners ideal for outdoor settings, however, is a thicker vinyl material. The recommendation that is often given for outdoor banners is that they be printed on heavy-duty 18-ounce vinyl. Because outdoor banners find their purpose by being used in parades, festivals, concerts, fairs, and markets, it is necessary that they exhibit greater strength, allowing them to withstand various weather conditions. The heavier-duty vinyl material brings in this added toughness. Another trait that characterizes outdoor banners is the high-resolution waterproof ink that is utilized during the printing process. Not only does this ink add to the vividness and sharpness of the image or logo, but it eliminates the possibility of smudged, running text or imagery that can result from heavy rain or harsh weather conditions. As with indoor banners, outdoor banners can be mounted with a number of accessories and can be designed to include wind slits, grommets, and pole pockets, increasing their resistance and including details that make them perfect for particular settings.

Double-Sided vs. Single-Sided Banners

Along with the decision of designing an indoor or outdoor banner, when opting to use offline advertising for your marketing endeavors, you’ll also face the choice of having your graphic printed on a single side or on both sides of the vinyl piece. Having said that, the choice is more straightforward than it may seem. There are many factors that can be considered when making the choice between a double-sided and single-sided banner, each of which can quickly assist you in determining which option is best suited for your needs as a company.

When to Use a Single-Sided Banner

A single-sided banner is best used for situations in which the banner will be secured to a wall or permanent surface that prevents visibility from both sides. When securing a banner to the side of a building, a display structure, or to any wall-like surface in or around your place of business, a single-sided banner is a fantastic option that can lead to a snappy, eye-catching display. When designed with attention to detail, a single-sided banner is enough to impress your customers, clients, target audience, and other individuals encountering it. The most important factor that should weigh in on your choice between this banner and the double-sided option is whether or not your audience will be spending ample amounts of time in view of it. This banner option is most effective when utilized in an office space or place of business that is typically frequented by customers and clients. Examples of these types of settings might be a gym, health clinic, store, or any company offering a service. In regards to each of these types of settings, customers have the potential to spend enough time within the space and in view of the display. This ultimately leads to a successful advertising reality that has the potential to inspire the effect you are aiming for with your marketing efforts.

When to Use a Double-Sided Banner

A double-sided banner, on the other hand, is a great option for open spaces, particular types of banner mounting, and for settings that host plenty of two-way traffic. When deciding on a banner for a location that sees many individuals coming and going from multiple directions, a double-sided banner is an ideal choice that can extend the reach of the promotional information. This is especially true for settings such as conferences, conventions, and trade shows, with the goal of grabbing the attention of as much of the target audience as possible.

In addition to locations that experience much two-way traffic, displays designed with graphics on both sides are also ideal for particular types of mounting. When opting for pole banners or banner stands, the use of a double-sided banner is an excellent choice that can help a business make the most out of the mounting tool they have chosen. Along with banner stands and pole banners, each of which easily and effectively displays both sides of a well-designed vinyl piece, double-sided banners are also a great option to suspend over a walkway, entryway, or open space.

Banners and Banner Stands: A Close Look at the Different Types of Banner Stands

Another factor that you’ll have the opportunity to consider is the use of a banner stand. A banner stand is an accessory that makes the mounting process that much easier. This tool has numerous benefits that facilitate a well-put-together, and pleasing presentation. First of all, a stand can help in keeping a vinyl piece completely taut, eliminating the possibility of sagging or wrinkling. Second of all, a banner stand provides you with a display that is completely and easily mobile, making it simple to transport to a variety of locations. In addition to these benefits are manageability and ease of set-up. Each type of stand is easy to put together and take down, requiring as little as 60 seconds to set-up and have ready for your target audiences. Lastly, a stand comes in a variety of sizes, still allowing customization in the dimensions of the display you are designing. Along with the capacity to support multiple sizes, there is also versatility in the type you might opt for. Here’s a further look at the different models available:

Fixed Stands

The first banner stand that gets a mention in our run-down of different types of stands is the fixed stand. Among the many types of constructions available for mounting your banner, the fixed stand is a simple and straightforward option that can be set up in less than one minute. This can be an important factor to consider for traveling presentations that accompany you from one setting to another. One of the most impressive benefits of using a fixed stand, or any type of stand for that matter, is its capacity to easily keep a banner secured and taut without the necessity for ropes, bungee cords, or tape that furthermore require much manpower to utilize with such a large or heavy-duty display. This is especially true for those pieces that will be set up and broken down on several occasions in order to promote your brand at multiple trade shows or industry conferences. Along with being a lightweight option, the fixed stand comes along with a padded carrying bag that heightens its mobility and keeps the stand safe and preserved for long-term use. This type of stand is a wise investment if you’re looking for a simple option that can last multiple uses.

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are a true fan favorite. They can be easily mounted with little to no effort and broken down in the same manner. Many opt for retractable stands because of the ease of storage that comes as an added benefit. If you’ve worked with a banner printing team to design a piece that can be used for seasonal advertising, such as holiday promotions for a store or business, seasonal choices for a cafe or restaurant, or reminders to customers during particular months of the year, then it can be beneficial to store your piece for future use. Not only does this maximize the use that you get out of your investment, but it motivates you to spend sufficient amounts of thought during the design process. Having said that, having a way to easily store the personalized advertisement piece without taking up too much space or leaving it to potentially damage is essential. A retractable banner stand solves that problem and provides you with a way to preserve the peace and to utilize it once more when the time comes.

Step and Repeat Banner Stands

A step and repeat banner stand is a choice that serves a very specific purpose. These stands are meant for effectively displaying step and repeat banners. This is a vinyl display type that many make the decision to use because of its attractiveness when set up at an important event, trade show, or convention. However, anyone that has chosen to use this type of vinyl banner to promote their brand will be able to attest to just how essential it is that they are erect and well-presented. Banners such as this are filled with the company’s logo printed in an intentional, repetitive banner throughout the entire surface of the piece. They are great to act as an accent to a product stand, or as a background for a photo opportunity. Thus, much effort should be made in order to make sure that they are standing tall and taut. The use of alternative tools to hang the banner could potentially lead to unsightly sagging of the banner’s midsection. A step and repeat banner stand is a reliable choice constructed specifically for these types of banners and can assist in avoiding this scenario, eliminating the need for ropes, cords, or other mounting accessories.

X-Shaped Banner Stands

This banner stand is often chosen for its portability and lightweight factor. Getting its name from the X-shaped base that attaches to each of the four corners, the X banner stand is a contraption that can be used throughout the useful life of several banners. The standard sizes for these stands are 24” x 63,” 32” x 72,” and 48” x 78.” This makes them fit for a variety of placements including offices, reception areas, outdoor patios, and indoor or outdoor convention center spaces. Along with their portability, this is another great option that can be quickly set up and counted on to maximize the stretch of the vinyl material. By hooking onto a grommet in each of the four corners, the stand can be counted on to make sure the information is attractively displayed to passing individuals. Not only does this present the information, promotion, or company logo in a more enticing way, but it highlights just how much a company or business can be trusted to take on new clientele.

Wall Murals and Their Role in Offline Advertising

Wall murals are a special offline advertising choice that can fill the entire wall space with any customized design. In the banner world, murals wallpaper is often utilized as a decorative piece that can bring a vibrant touch to a living or workspace. However, creative professionals have found a way to utilize them as a unique form of advertising that can affect and enchant their target audiences. This is especially true for companies and organizations marketing travel or other services in which different landscapes can be portrayed. A travel agency can display any particular skyline, scenic landscape, or panorama, enticing potential clients to arrange a trip with their company. However, in addition to the simplicity and ideality that comes along with using a landscape photograph to create the piece, the use of mural wallpaper leaves room for much creativity and imagination. Any image, photograph, or design can be blown up to create a wall piece of any size, possessing the capacity to easily adhere to any indoor wall space with its vinyl peel-and-stick quality.

In addition to the ease of attachment and the possibility to request unique dimensions, these displays can be completely customized with text along with the photograph or graphic, allowing special promotional offers or written details to be included along in the design of the mural.

Other examples that attest to the versatility of this print display choice can be recognized when considering the role it can play in encouraging a particular attitude towards a product or service. For example, if your company is offering a service that can lead to feelings of tranquility, a large mural can be designed that includes a calming image. If, on the other hand, a business is advertising an exciting, trendy product, a vibrant, loud graphic can be requested along with text detailing the product. In any case, with the colorful vision of an advertising team or design expert, an exceptional marketing presentation can be created that efficiently grabs hold of potential clients and customers.

Window Signs

Another highly persuasive form of offline advertising that has multiple benefits is a window sign. Along with being a proactive method to displaying any customized graphic, text, or promotional detail, a window sign is an advertising choice that can add an impressive and practical touch to any window space or storefront. These signs are often used in conjunction with carefully organized window displays, meant for maximizing the reach that these displays have on a company’s target audience. In other words, an accompanying sign can bring voice, vibrancy, and meaning to otherwise inanimate objects that are being used to promote a product or campaign.

In addition to how well they work alongside other marketing tools, however, are numerous benefits that make them exceptionally unique. What makes these particular signs truly special is just how functional they are. These pieces are constructed from a perforated film material, which makes them easy to attach to a glass area, and just as easy to remove when the time comes to change up the promotion. In addition to their composition are benefits regarding the versatility they guarantee for the space in which they are mounted.

These perforated window displays present a clear image to passing individuals without limiting the amount of natural light that enters the respective indoor area. For a business or organization in which customers and clients frequent or utilize the space, this can be extremely important. Whereas a standard, an unperforated banner may block natural light and limit visibility outdoors, a window sign maximizes the light entering the space while allowing maximum visibility for those present inside the store or office space.

Pole Banners: What are they and where can I put them?

If you’ve ever driven along a road and seen it lined with numerous banners connected to light posts or other pole structures, then you’ve witnessed the ingenuity of pole banners and how efficient they are when put to use. These vinyl pieces are made with pole pockets on the top and bottom, allowing them to be easily secured to a pole in multiple indoor and outdoor settings. The placement of a pole pocket at the top and bottom end of the banner can help in stretching the banner once it has been mounted. This taut look creates an exceptional, professional presentation that can work to attract the attention of passer-byes.

Pole banners can be printed on 13 ounces or 18-ounce vinyl material and can be requested in a variety of sizes, with the most common size being 3 x 2 feet. Many companies and organizations take advantage of this type of vinyl display with the goal of creating an eye-catching demonstration at a large public event such as a fair, conference, tradeshow, or convention. When using multiple pole banners to create a runway effect to any sidewalk, driveway, or hallway, the passing individuals have that much more opportunity to take in the information you are presenting. In any case, used alone or in bulk, a carefully designed pole banner can work to your company’s advantage when attempting to get the word out about any product, promotion, or campaign.

In addition to being connected to a pre-existing pole structure, the pole pockets that are included in the design of this banner type can be used along with a hanging display that can be suspended from the ceiling in a shop, store, or business office space, or indoor public area. The potential for a suspension advertisement can add even more versatility and flexibility to your advertising endeavors.

Matte Banners: Opting for a No-Shine Option

We can all agree that we sometimes like a little gloss and shine in our lives. However, there is a time and place for that. The standard vinyl banner is a versatile choice for a variety of settings, but in instances of high sun or light exposure, it is possible that the graphics on the standard vinyl material become unclear or overly reflective. Matte banners are a no-gloss, no-shine display option that works great in settings where there is extremely light or brightness. These banners are printed on high-quality 13-ounce vinyl material that makes them ideal for outdoor placement and capable of withstanding changing outdoor weather conditions. Because of this resilience to a high shine, they are a great choice for placement at an outdoor trade show, fair, or outdoor stadium.

In addition to their functionality outdoors, this advertisement choice is also a great option for indoor mounting. Many companies and organizations that choose to advertise their cause or campaign in a public arena or indoor sporting complex opt to utilize matte banners to do so. In each of these settings, high levels of indoor lighting are common and widespread. Placing a display, however, too close to overly bright light can lead to shine and reflection, decreasing the effectiveness and clarity of the banner graphics. Choosing to make use of a matte material to display your text, graphic, or logo, however, can eliminate this issue and increase the visibility of your sign. The same is true for settings in which your display will be the backdrop for numerous photos or camera lighting. Opting for a matte banner in these cases as well can increase its reach and allow your audience to easily witness what it is that you’re attempting to share.

Advertising with Step and Repeat Banners

Another vinyl advertising option that deserves special consideration is a step and repeat banner. A step and repeat banner is an often large display that includes a company’s logo in a repeated manner throughout the entire area of the sign. This display choice can be frequently seen at formal events, grand openings, expositions, and conventions. Their design sets them apart from any other type of banner, leading to their recognition as a special and elite form of advertising, commonly utilized by proactive companies intent on being taken seriously in their industry. Although this vinyl option isn’t typically used for specifically promoting one product, promotion, or a specific piece of information, they are commonly used along with other banners that offer more details. Their benefits are more recognizable when considering the details that characterize their design. A step and repeat banner is a presentation that highlights the professionalism of a company or organization, thus compelling the target audience towards an interest in the company and its cause. These vinyl demonstrations can be used as a backdrop or occupy otherwise blank wall space, creating a fantastic foundation for any promotional event, product launch, grand opening, corporate event, or trade conference. They are also a great choice to consider when searching for a background for photo opportunities.

What’s more, they can be easily mounted in a number of ways, including with the use of a step and repeat banner stand. These banner stands in particular are constructed with the purpose of securely holding a large format vinyl banner, making their set-up at any event fast and simple.

Billboard Sized Banners

A billboard-sized banner comes in a number of standard sizes including 15 x 10 feet, 15 x 15 feet, 20 x 10 feet, and 20 x 20 feet. Having said that, the true size options are essentially unlimited, as custom dimensions can also be requested during the initial stages of the design process. This potential for customization highlights the versatility that comes along with this type of display being used as a large-scale outdoor advertisement.

Their effectiveness has been trusted for decades as a way to reach the masses and stir up interest in those beholding the extraordinarily large sign. Today, many companies and organizations are taking advantage of the large-scale quality by creating unforgettable graphics that will strike their audience and motivate them to explore the new product or campaign. The optimal location and size characteristics allow a company to do just that - effectively motivate their potential clients to participate. A billboard-size banner is best used when strategically placed in a heavy-traffic area, creating a window of time throughout which the audience can easily view the information and allow it to register within.

Among the common locations that could act as a home to a billboard are pre-existing constructions and buildings of any shape and size. In each of these locations, the banner can be mounted with ropes, cords, and grommets, each of which can secure your banner for a temporary or long-term advertising purpose.

Perforated Signs and Mesh Banners

A type of banner that is becoming highly favored by many businesses and organizations is one that is printed with perforations or small openings. Though often recognized for its similarity to those advertisements occupying store-front window spaces, these displays are increasing in popularity and finding themselves subject to much use in a variety of settings. This is true, especially for perforated banners which are printed on the lighter-weight mesh material. Mesh banners can be placed on the sides of buildings, or be used along with standard mounting tools in order to create an effective outdoor visual demonstration. The characteristic that sets mesh-made banners apart from others is their unique composition, which allows wind to pass through freely, eliminating the possibility that the banner set-up will be affected by overly harsh winds. For a long-term outdoor set-up, especially one that could be potentially susceptible to changing weather conditions or persistent winds, this can be an added benefit that puts your display over the top and maximizes its reach and effect.

In addition to the added wind resistance, these banners also boast the possibility to be completely customized in size, like their standard vinyl counterparts. Just as you can with vinyl banners, banners with perforated openings can be printed small enough to fit the space of a quaint window area, or large enough to cover the side of a large building. Perforated window signs are a great option to utilize to fill any space while getting your message across. Some might express concern with their graphics being clearly portrayed when using mesh material. However, these banners can present any image, design, logo, or text with complete clarity for passing individuals and onlookers. Having said that, they also allow maximum exposure and visibility for individuals inside the building, store, or office. This factor sets them apart from traditional vinyl banners, which might require a sacrifice of natural light or visibility when covering an entire window space.

Choosing the Perfect Banner Size for You and Your Business

If you’ve had any previous experiences with offline advertising or have spent sufficient time browsing the numerous options available for vinyl displays, you will have noticed that there are a plethora of banner sizes and dimensions that can be chosen from in order to help you meet your advertising goals. In fact, vinyl banners in particular can be as small as 2 feet wide and 2 feet long or as large as 150 feet in length and 10 feet in width. In simpler terms, the sizing options are unlimited. With the extensive choices available, how can you know which size is the best fit for you?

The first step to consider when deciding on banner dimensions is placement. Do your advertising goals involve a large billboard setting? Or perhaps a smaller, in-store promotional set-up? In either case, a customized banner size can be determined and requested in order to provide you with an optimal piece that can reach your designated audience.

Another step that is important to consider in the process of deciding upon a banner size is the audience you are trying to reach. If your primary audience is included among those individuals who commute to work during rush hour traffic - young to middle-aged business professionals, for example, you’ll find it beneficial to place a large-scale banner along major roads and intersections that find themselves busy during normal commuting hours. In this case, deciding upon a banner that is larger or billboard-sized, or even one that is created with the maximum dimensions would be a wise investment. On the other hand, if you are attempting to influence customers towards favoring a new promotion that is being offered by your company, employing a smaller, indoor banner that complements your reception area would be an ideal choice.

Selecting a smaller banner:

The smallest banners, or 2 x 2 vinyl banners, are a great option for indoor spaces and window placement. Their quaint size, if taken full advantage of with vibrant colors and snappy text, can lead to a vivid display that is great for advertising in tighter spaces or alongside additional banners. Other popular small banner sizes include 2 x 5 feet banners and 2 x 6 feet banners.

The perfect place for a medium vinyl banner:

Medium banners are banners with a height of 3 feet and a width ranging from 5 to 8 feet. For locations that involve lots of foot traffic, a banner with these dimensions can go a long way. Medium banners also work great when paired with particular mounting techniques such as suspension hanging or with banner stands. Their size is small enough to be easily managed, while large enough to have a significant effect.

Making the most out of a large banner display:

Large banner displays include 5 x 5-foot banners and anything larger. These banners are ideal for trade shows, conferences, conventions, and outdoor settings which attract much attention and traffic. When contemplating banner size for an outdoor location, consider the type of traffic that characterizes the area. A 5 x 5-foot banner, for example, is large enough to stand out and make an impression without sacrificing flexibility, versatility, or taking up too much space. In another scenario, an area that receives less foot traffic and more automobile traffic is best suitable for those banners with the greatest dimensions. In these settings, a grand-scale advertisement is a good choice to draw in the attention of those driving by, while also allowing enough time to settle and become significant.

The Design Process and Digitized Printing

Let’s rewind to the point we brought up about how banners have been used for decades as a way to advertise and bring awareness to a variety of diverse causes for various businesses and brands. Known for their prevalence in some of the busiest, high-traffic areas of the world, banners have proven the test of time and made a name for themselves as a premier form of offline advertising. Though often having diverse looks and designs, and characterized by a wide range of placement locations, including billboards, the sides of buildings, or even bus stops and train stations, their popularity and countability are undeniable. Perhaps they have been able to achieve such widespread success because of the way they have notably evolved throughout the years.

Believe it or not, the first banners were hand-painted and hand-lettered, often made separately as smaller parts, and put together later to create a large-scale visual display. The options for mounting the banners were limited to adhesives that, decades ago, were revolutionary and state-of-the-art. Today, not only is there much more potential when considering the choices one can make about where and how to secure a banner but there have also been significant changes in the way a banner is printed and the tools that are used to create vibrant pieces that truly stand out.

Today, vinyl banners are designed with the help of online templates, uploaded images, or by the creative vision of graphic design teams. Essentially, any image, logo, graphic, or text can be utilized to bring a company’s advertising vision to life. The design process normally includes the following steps:

A marketing and design team selects an appropriate banner size and type that can fit in with the location they have in mind.
Immediately after, companies or organizations decide whether or not to utilize a pre-designed template, a unique image or graphic, or to request the assistance and expertise of a design team to achieve the look they are going for.
Once the look of the banner is decided upon, an online proof is created, the final look of the banner is determined, and the printing commences.
In the fourth step, the computer-based image is connected to a large inkjet printer with the capacity to transfer the graphic to a vinyl material of any customizable, requested size and weight.
Lastly, the banner material is fed through the large format printer, through which the image, graphic, or text is printed using durable, high-quality ink.

A closer look at digitized printing…

Taking a closer look at digitized printing can help anyone understand the significant role it has had in the world of offline advertising and vinyl banner printing. The large-format inkjet printers are high-quality printing tool that is specifically designed to produce vibrant, vivid, and professional prints. The high-quality printer works together with water-based, eco-solvent, or UV-curable inks to create an amazing advertisement that is able to withstand harsh weather conditions that could potentially damage the banner and decrease its useful life. More specifically, these types of inks can provide resistance against running ink or UV fading.

Choosing Your Banner Graphics and Design

Some might find banner designing intimidating. Sure, there are many factors to consider in order to construct a vivid piece that has the capacity to draw in a crowd and catch the eye of passer-byes. However, the decision-making processes that go into the design of your banner graphics don’t have to be as challenging as you might think. With the help of banner printing experts, you can turn your vision into a tangible piece that is ready to be shared with the world. However, though graphic design experts are there to assist you during every stage of your design process, we thought we’d share some interesting design tips that can take your vinyl piece to the next level.

Pay special attention to the font size. The font size of your banner can make a huge difference in influencing the way it’s perceived by your target audience. For example, if your banner text is too small, it has the potential to go completely unseen or unread by passing individuals. In another example, if your display consists of only text, with a lack of contrasting graphics, the banner will fail to act as a striking piece that stands out and grabs hold of your audience. When deciding on graphics, it’s important to make sure the font is large and bold enough to see even from a distance but contained to only the most important, snappy information.

Include pertinent information. When deciding on what text will be added to the vinyl piece during the printing process, it is important to include only what is necessary. Eliminating text that is non-essential can enhance the attractiveness of your display and prevent it from becoming overwhelming for those viewing it. For example, if your banner will be mounted inside or in front of your store or the place of business, including contact information will not be as necessary as it would in situations where your banner is placed in a location that is distant from your company. A helpful rule that many choose to follow relating to this is a 3 x 5 rule. By limiting the text to either 3 lines of 5 words or 5 lines of 3 words, text included on a banner can be maintained to 15 words or less.

Consider including extra grommets or wind slits if the setting deems it necessary. With nearly every banner option, an added benefit that you can freely take advantage of during the design process is the inclusion of wind slits or extra grommets. For outdoor banners that could potentially face strong or persistent winds, including wind slits can allow the wind to pass through freely, thus avoiding potential damage that could be caused by the rough push and pull of extreme weather. Similarly, including extra grommets can later assist you during the mounting stage. Extra grommets allow for extra connection points through which a number of banner mounting accessories can be fed in order to secure your vinyl piece.

Make It Snappy. Along with making sure that your banner text is limited and displayed with the correct font size, another important factor related to the wording has to do with building and including a slogan. When appropriate, a slogan is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your target audience. It can also help those viewing the banner quickly take in the information being presented, allowing it to click and resonate within. A good way to determine whether or not a text slogan could be a nice addition to your vinyl piece is to first consider what it is you’re advertising. If your company is advertising a service or product, a snappy text theme can be created that is clear, easy to understand, and that fits in nicely with what it is you’re advertising.

Take into account the details of the mounting location. Another factor that can help you make graphic design and banner design choices is considering the location that you will choose to utilize to mount your display. One factor in particular that is helpful to consider is the size of the mounting location. Once you’ve decided to opt for a specific setting, accurate measurements can be taken in order to help you request dimensions that will fit along nicely, highlighting your banner, while making sure it’s capable of being easily secured to space. Along with the measurements of the mounting location, it can also be helpful to consider the composition of the space. This can help you to build the contrast that is essential in helping your piece stand out. For example, choosing a brick-red banner background color that will later be mounted to a red brick wall minimizes the eye-catching factor that could be achieved when choosing a background color that clearly contrasts with the backdrop of the setting.

Make your banner stand out from the rest. Another design tip that is well worth consideration includes taking a look at the advertisements coming from the competition. If you plan to set up your banner in close proximity to other advertisements, choosing dimensions that set it apart from the other banners present can go a long way in making sure that your banner is recognized and visually prioritized. In other words, don’t hesitate to make your banner bigger. This applies to colors as well. Taking a look at the colors utilized by the competition can help you make the decision of what colors to use for your own banner. It’s important to have a final product that will be notable and memorable for passer-byes, rather than one that blends in with other displays.

Create a vibrant display with contrasting colors. The general rule that is important to follow when it comes to deciding on colors is contrast. The contrast in every way, whether it be with the mounting location or with other banners, can guarantee that your banner makes an impression and becomes easy to notice by your target audience. Having said that, the importance of contrast can also be emphasized when deciding on color combinations for your vinyl piece. This is also true for the color contrast that exists between the text, graphic, and banner background.

Turn your display into a double-sided piece to maximize exposure. Another choice that can be made during the design process is whether or not to print your graphics on both sides of the vinyl piece or to keep it single-sided. This is another decision that can be made after analyzing the mounting location. If a company has opted for a location that finds traffic coming as well as traffic going, having your promotion, slogan, or logo occupy both sides can lead to maximum exposure, stretching the reach of your investment by grabbing hold of more individuals. If, on the other hand, your mounting location entails wall attachment or caters to one-way traffic, a single-sided banner is a sufficient option to utilize.

Picking a Location for Your Banner

Another factor to carefully consider when thinking about your offline advertisement piece is placement. Having a remarkably designed display can only reach its maximum potential when situated in a location that allows for heightened visibility. While in some situations, choosing where to place your banner is more straightforward, such as mounting promotional information in your store window, or setting up a freestanding seasonal display in your business’ lobby or reception area, there are other times with which location requires a more thorough thought. In the case of the latter, the best, most-effective way to choose a location is to consider the many factors that take into account your desired audience.

The first task to tick off your to-do list is to decide on your demographic. Understanding who your desired audience is can also go a long way in helping you decide details on placement. For example, if you’re advertising a health-foods product, it may be beneficial to first understand that your target audience should include individuals who frequent a local gym. If, on the other hand, you’re going in blind, with a lack of consideration for who it is you are trying to reach, you may end up placing an irrelevant piece of information in an inappropriate location. By understanding your demographic, you can be strategic about mounting your vinyl banner in places where potential customers and clients congregate.

Having said that, options for banner placement can vary greatly. There are numerous locations that we can utilize, each bringing a unique factor that can be used to our advantage. Placement along roads, especially those that see more traffic during early morning and early evening commutes, highlight our product or company information while leaving the onlookers time to take it in and digest it. In another example, consider setting your display at eye level in a location that receives much foot traffic. In this case, you can increase the exposure and the amount of time that a passing individual has with your product or company information.

Another great tip surrounding placement that can make a huge difference is combining the efforts of one banner campaign with another. For example, if you are utilizing banners for the purpose of a trade show or professional convention, you’ll find it beneficial to make use of the space by placing another banner that is related to your company, product, or cause. In other words, you can take advantage of the effort, space, and time you are putting into your trade show stand or event set-up by advertising another aspect, service, or product that your company offers. This piggy-backing of your banner advertisements can open the door to greater awareness of your company and what it is that it has to offer.

Mounting a Banner: Tips on Mounting Tools and Accessories

After deciding on the location for your banner, the next necessary thought to examine is which method you will employ to mount your display. To start, there are two primary routes that you might take. The first is making your display permanent. This choice may be ideal for companies who are certain about the consistency of location and are confident that they’ve found a place that maximizes visibility by their target audience. Permanent installations might also be ideal when including banners displaying fixed information in a store or place of business. When mounting a display permanently, many opt to secure their vinyl banner to a flat surface with the use of screws and grommets. When doing this, it is important to make sure that the banner is fully stretched and appropriately lined up.

The alternative to a permanent installation, and perhaps the more common of the types of installation, is a temporary one. With this type of installation, numerous tools can be utilized in order to bring a unique flair to your vinyl presentation.

Framing Your Banner

A popular accessory that many choose to use for more temporary mounting is a simple frame. With a frame, a banner’s edges can remain protected and secured, maximizing the lifespan of the banner. Frames can be placed on the walls of reception areas, offices, or in creative locations that are sure to be frequented by your target audience.

Banner Stands

Banner stands are another great tool that can be utilized to highlight your advertisement and capture the attention of your audience. Banner stands come with a plethora of benefits that set them apart and make them, unlike any other mounting tools or accessories. These display stands can be requested with a banner, eliminating the challenge that might come with finding a banner that perfectly fits with a separately ordered stand. The freestanding factor that comes along with this option makes it a unique accessory that can add a truly professional touch to your marketing attempts. What’s more, banner stands are a great filler tool that can add character and dimension to space, while promoting a cause, campaign, product, service, or promotion. Because of their durability and ease of use, these mounting contraptions can be perfect for office space corners, patios, terraces, and entryways. Furthermore, they are a tool that can be broken down and set-up in a matter of minutes, making them simple and convenient to store.

Banner Tape

The banner tape is a great tool to make use of with the purpose of bringing a touch of tidiness to any lightweight or heavy-duty piece of vinyl material. The tape can act as an adhesive and can be applied to the edges in order to create a hemmed look. Not only does this hemming protect the edges, extending the life of the advertisement, but it also creates a professional look that can go a long way in showing your audience what your company or organization is all about.

Banner Bungee Cords

Another tool that can be an effective part of the mounting process is a banner bungee cord. In order to mount a banner by using these accessories, the bungee cord can be fed through a pre-included grommet and secured to a secondary surface. It’s no secret that these cords are characteristically elastic in nature. They are used in a wide variety of situations and settings to secure a product or object. Their use of vinyl displays is no different. Their capacity to hold strong, while providing elasticity, makes them an excellent choice for heavy-duty outdoor banners that are heavier in weight and susceptible to stronger winds and weather conditions.

Plastic Clips for Banners

Using plastic clips for banners is a great alternative for a vinyl display that doesn’t include an appropriate number of pre-included grommets. Grommets are typically included along with a banner in order to provide an aperture through which a rope, hook, or cord can be fed, in order to secure the banner. The more grommets there are, the more secure the banner has the potential to be. Having said that, if a banner does not include grommets, or enough to secure the vinyl presentation in a steadfast way, plastic clips can be utilized to provide extra points through which the ropes, cords, or bungees can be attached and anchored to a secondary point. These plastic banner clips are made with a durable nylon material and include a teeth-like construction that can tightly grip the material, hold strong, and act as a reliable attachment, conducive to efficiently securing any display.

Hook and Loop Fasteners

Hook and loop fasteners are another accessory that many opt to utilize for banner mounting. Though this accessory in particular is one that comes with limitations, it is a great, affordable one that can still provide much versatility for particular types and sizes of vinyl banners. Smaller, lightweight, indoor banners are typically best suited for hook and loop fasteners. Because they require a smooth surface to be directly attached to, they are best when used with flat walls, windows, or even table and desk fronts. These fasteners work by first attaching the hook side to the banner and the loop side to the opposite surface, and then adhering each of the two sides to each other. Once attached, the banner can remain rigid and taut. A great idea for hook and loop fasteners is to use them along with the aforementioned banner tape. By first hemming the edges of your display with banner tape and then securing it to the flat, smooth surface using the hook and loop fasteners, you can eliminate the need for rope or bungee cords that could be unsightly for particular settings and advertising situations.

Hooks for Banners

One of the more common accessories used side by side grommets is a metal banner hook. Hooks for banners come in an s-shape, with one end slightly more narrow than the other. The more narrow end is typically attached to the metal grommet, while the larger end can be used to attach directly to a secondary surface or to ropes that can be tied to poles, ceilings, or other facets. These banner hooks are made with a strong metal, which also helps magnify the sharpness of the overall image of a banner advertisement. The strength of the hooks makes them ideal for suspending banners from ceilings at trade show events, grand openings, conferences, or other promotional events.

Using Suction Cups with Your Display

Suction cups are a unique accessory that, similar to hook and loop fasteners, are a great option for a particular type of banner. Though not so ideal for larger banners, or those printed on heavier-duty vinyl material, they’re an exceptional choice for smaller banners that are designed to be placed on store windows or other glass surfaces. The metal hook that comes along with each suction cup can be attached to a banner grommet, while the silicon cup, with an included pull tab for easy detachment, can be easily and quickly secured to any number of diverse glass spaces. The banner suction cups can support up to 10 pounds of display and are guaranteed when used properly, to be damage-free to the adjoining surface.

Zip Ties and Banner Grommets

Using zip ties with your banner is a quick, affordable, and efficient method to securing a vinyl presentation. Because of the capacity of zip ties to be strong, tightened, and close-fitting, they work wonders at keeping the banner from sagging or wrinkling. In addition to this tautness, these plastic ties also allow much flexibility. Not only can they be attached to each other, creating a long chain, but they can also be attached to a variety of surfaces with ease. When using this tool with an outdoor banner, it is wise to make sure that the banner includes wind slits in the case of strong winds. Because of the rigidity of the ties, the banner will not have much give, which could lead to banner tearing in extreme scenarios. However, tears in the material can be easily avoided with the inclusion of wind slits and careful zip tie placement.

Securing Your Banner With Ropes

The use of ropes to hang your banner is perhaps the most common and the most widespread method of mounting. Ropes can be used in combination with a number of other accessories, such as grommets and plastic banner clips. Along with the ease of use, the use of this accessory also allows versatility in terms of how the display can be hung. While suction cups and zip ties are great for a particular type of mounting, the options that are available with the use of ropes are essentially unlimited. With banner ropes, a display can be suspended above a doorway, walkway, or in a public space, as well as hung on a wall, gate, or between two stationary objects.

Making Your Banner Last: Preserving and Recycling Your Offline Advertising Display

Sure, it’s no secret that vinyl displays are an affordable tool to utilize for marketing and advertising purposes. In fact, many will agree that banners are actually one of the most low-cost, cost-effective, and widespread choices that many opt for in order to achieve their advertising goals. Having said that, there are many more factors that go into the creation of a banner other than the cost. During the creation process, much time and effort are invested in order to build a graphic that will work wonders at capturing the attention of your target audience. It is possible that many hours of discussion, though, and brainstorming sessions are included in the process of creating a perfect display. Although vinyl banners are an affordable method of advertising, the overall investment should not go overlooked or taken lightly. There are particular steps that can be followed in order to preserve the life of your banner in order to get the most out of your investment.

Purchase a high-quality banner, even if that means taking extra steps to make sure that the edges are fortified and the corners reinforced. A great first step to take that can prolong the life of your banner is making sure that it is a high-quality option in the first place. When the situation allows and deems it fitting, it is always a good idea to opt for the banner that is heavier-duty and more durable, able to withstand diverse weather conditions, winds, and rains. A strong banner can go a lot further in terms of longevity when compared to the alternative.

Keep your banner clean. Another measure that can be taken to preserve the life of your vinyl display is to make sure that it stays clean, free from dust and stains. The optimal way to do this is by using microfiber towels, or pure cotton cloths. Alternative materials with a rougher texture, such as sponges or cellulose fiber fabrics can cause damage to the vinyl, potentially scratching or lacerating the display.

Avoid the use of chemical detergents and cleaning supplies. When wiping down your banner, freeing it of dust and particles, it is best to utilize nothing more than soap and water. Using a chemical-based detergent can lead to fading and harsh interactions with the vinyl material and eco-solvent ink. A substance that is mild, fragrance-free, and diluted will be your best bet at preserving the life and quality of your vinyl banner or sign.

Keep your banner as dry as possible. This might seem like a no-brainer, but in any case, it is still well worth the mention. For outdoor banners or other heavy-duty displays that are exposed to winds and rains, keeping the banner dry at all times would be an impossible feat. However, other than those scenarios, keeping your presentation free from moisture can go a long way in extending its life. This is especially true when thinking about the banner before storing it to use at a later time or for a later event. Existing moisture that collects on or around the banner during storage can lead to a moldy display that can be off-putting for yourself and your target audience. In addition to keeping the banner itself dry, take the extra steps to make sure that your banner is in a dry space or dry container when not in use.

Roll it, don’t fold it. Another tip that can help you extend the useful life of your vinyl display is to correctly compact it. Doing so with the help of a banner container is a great option to consider. Furthermore, one of these containers often makes transporting your banner much easier, increasing the effectiveness of your offline advertising investment. However, a banner container isn’t the end-all option for storage. In any case, it’s important to make sure that your banner is rolled, rather than folded. An important note? Vinyl isn’t a material that takes too kindly to folding. Employing this method can easily lead to a display that is torn, creased, or bent, leaving a regrettable impression on your target audience the next time you decide to bring out your banner.

Go the extra mile to mount your display. Believe it or not, taking extra steps to make sure that your vinyl banner is properly and securely mounted can be of great help at preserving its quality and keeping it just like new. Using tools such as ropes, banner stands, and cords can keep the banner off of the ground, eliminating the chance that it becomes trampled on or stepped on by passer-byes. In addition to this, opting for a banner with hemmed edges and reinforced corners can increase its strength and resilience to harsh conditions, lots of movement, or long-term use. If, on the other hand, your banner comes with non-reinforced edges or corners, using a tool such as banner tape can easily create a hemmed look that not only looks professional but also protects the exposed areas from wear and tear.

With proper storage and care, your vinyl piece can be a reliable part of your advertising efforts for up to 5 years. Regardless of the type or size of your banner, following these steps is a great way to ensure that you get the most out of your display.

What to Look for When Deciding on a Banner Printing Company

So now that you’ve taken the time to understand the ins and outs of what it takes to be successful with offline advertising, the next step is deciding on a banner company that can help you through the creation process, making your advertising visions a reality. With the number of banner companies out there, it can be a challenge to understand which printing company to trust.

Allstate Banners is an American based company that prides itself on exceptional customer service and fast turnaround, making us a wise choice for you when designing and printing your next piece for offline advertising. We’re a team of banner experts that provide the highest quality at an affordable price, and that is trusted by numerous established businesses and brands.

We’re ready to help you along in the design process, providing you with helpful insight that can leave you with an end-product that stands out from the rest, leaving a stamp on your industry and on your audiences.

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