Why are your banners and signs so much cheaper than some we have seen?

Our banners and signs are made of high-quality material, so, you might be wondering how we can sell them for such wonderful pricing? Simple. Once we cut the cost of conventional printing by streamlining our operation for efficiency and producing in large volume, we are able to offer you banners and signs with wonderful wholesale pricing. And on top of that, we are using Industrial Printing Machines which cuts cost for us and we¡¦re able to give you a better deal, that is all. It is not the quality we are compromising on.

How long can the banners and signs last?

Under extreme weather conditions, 2 years. If indoors, many more years on top of that.

Can you customize and add our logos and photos into the banner and signs?

Yes, we support pictures up to 300 d.p.i and artwork including logos and taglines, and custom icons too. Just
send us your files and we would be able to place them into your banner/signs. If you need us to create or recreate the icons, logos, and symbols for you, there would be an extra charge. Please contact us for a detailed quotation on that.

Are the colors we see on the screen exactly the way I would see them when we receive the banners/signs?

Pretty much. But the computer screen is not able to give a completely accurate picture of the colors of the banners/signs but it is pretty much the way it is going to look.

Do you accept file transfer?

You can upload large files to our server while you are placing your order, you can also upload multiple files at the same time. If not, we accept media files via Email, Google Drive,  FTP, Flash Drive, CD/ DVD, and more. Make sure to use JPG, JPGE, PNG, PDF, PSD, AI, EPS, TIFF, Eps, Ai, TIF image formats only. However, Adobe Illustrator EPS files are best suited for large format printing.

You can also use wetransfer.com to send us your files. it is a free service!