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Large Banners

Large Vinyl Banners

Modern advertising has many forms such as TV commercials, radio and journal advertisements, etc. They may prove powerful but often demand a great sum of money to order. However, there is also another way to advertise a product or a company without overpaying - vinyl banners.

Large-sized inkjet-printed banners can offer a lot of benefits and are the best way to advertise a new brand. Moreover, they can be used for many other purposes such as art exhibitions, trade shows, and music concerts. A large vinyl banner is a perfect promotional tool that will help one’s business as well as any event.

A number of promotional media can be used to boost a company’s exposure. Vinyl banners differ from the other types of advertising materials because of their extreme cost-effectiveness. Moreover, they are flexible and easily portable and can be used in a wide range of places for different purposes. Despite the lower price, large vinyl banners are comparable to the more expensive advertising methods because they make a powerful impact on customers and have long-time promotional benefits (Behal & Sareen, 2014). A television commercial may cost thousands of dollars, and with that money, a company can cover a great area with large vinyl banners. Their placement in strategic spots can guarantee financial and reputational success. Furthermore, with the cost one has to spend on a TV advertisement, banners will not just cover a great target audience, they will also become a long-lasting tool to popularize a brand. The savings from choosing the printed media can be used for follow-up advertising campaigns or just put to another use.

Large vinyl banners bring ultimate visibility and exposure of a company or a product. A lot of people see a hanged banner many times in a row, for example on their way from home to work (Stephenson, 2007). When people see a brand every day, they easily recall its name and designs when it comes to choosing a product or service.

Even though practically every business can be advertised with the help of large vinyl banners, two types of companies use them more often than the others. They are car selling companies and real estate firms (Seligman, 2016). The first ones often choose spots by a road or in front of their main office to hang banners. This helps to capture their target audience which is the drivers interested in buying a new car. Real estate firms usually place large vinyl banners on the walls of houses to show where exactly an apartment can be bought or rented by their potential customers. In Dubai, the Sorouh Real Estate company placed an advertising banner on the ground near the Dubai International airport. It is so large that can be easily read from the window of a plane. However, the use of vinyl banners is not confined to the two mentioned types of companies. Most companies of all sizes across the world use them, from Starbucks and BMW to a local coffee shops. Whether it is a shoe repair or a construction corporation, vinyl banners will perfectly fit them.

The flexibility of banners as advertising materials is undeniable. Apart from commercial purposes, vinyl banners can be used for a wide range of occasions, including any kind of event, science forum, and business meeting. Vinyl banners should be definitely taken into account by those organizing big birthday parties or weddings – they will make it easier to create a festive feel. Any school event will look cooler and more solemn with the banners depicting the main institutional symbols, and any concert or music festival needs banners to decorate the stage. Furthermore, banners are often used while holding sports events or parades (Levinson & Godin, 2007). It is worth reminding that the cost will not be too high, thus almost any person or organization can afford them and enjoy the benefits.

Another great advantage is that vinyl banners can be reused. This is applicable to the seasonal advertising and concerts or meetings that happen repeatedly. For example, Christmas discount banners can be used each year and a rock band’s stage decoration is necessary for every concert. Vinyl banners are durable and keep the color well hence they can serve well for a long time. Banners can be simply rolled into a tube or folded at the times they are not used.

Vinyl banners are absolutely the most versatile among the others, which include fabric, canvas, poly, and mesh types of banners. They are printed on the 13-ounce vinyl, which is also known as PVC and can be of the largest size, offering a full-color range. Especially large banners used for covering buildings are made using a special technology so that the wind can pass through a banner.

Banners can be printed in several different ways. The ink that is used today by most printing services has great durability and is not quickly damaged by rain or snow (Levinson & Lautenslager, 2014). What is more, it is non-toxic as well as the banner itself. However, vinyl banners can also be hand-painted. Such might be not very durable unless high-quality water-resistant acrylic paints are used. Each type of printing should be applied for a certain purpose.

Vinyl banners are also of better quality than the others, which can be used only for certain purposes or are easily damaged otherwise. For example, a canvas banner is not appropriate for the outside. Even though vinyl banners can be more expensive than fabric ones, they are much more durable and still cheaper than mesh banners. The bond of quality and reasonable price have made vinyl banners the most popular among the other banner types.

A vinyl banner has grommet holes made every two or three feet around its perimeter through which any type of bungees or cords is the thread to hang the banner on any desirable place. Deciding how exactly to hang a vinyl banner, one should keep in mind whether it is for inside or outside use and how long it is expected to hang. When used outside, it can be secured to a wall, a fence, or even to the “T-stakes” in case, the ground is soft enough to hammer them in. When it comes to internal use, any wall or another stationary object can be used to secure them. Even though the installation does not seem too hard, some problems might occur when vinyl banners are not attached well enough. In case of a lack of experience, it is better to ask a professional to help with the installation so that the banner is not damaged and there is no risk of falling down from a big height.

The design of a banner should be of high quality so that it is catchy and truly helps a company to gain new customers. It can be easily reached by paying a reasonable price for a graphic designer’s services. They can be ordered on one of the popular freelance resources like However, design can be created by yourself in one of the graphic programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw without spending extra money. Creating a vivid and high-quality banner design will let the company catch more sight and become remembered as a firm that can be trusted.

It should be also carefully decided, which firm’s printing services to use. This is important because there are some companies that use cheap materials or low-quality ink to make the process less expensive yet not lower the price for a client. To avoid this, the feedback and ratings of several firms should be checked and compared online to choose the optimal variant. A good printing service can always help with the picture brightening and sharpening to make it look vivid and distinct after it is printed. Moreover, they should show the samples of their work to convince a client that they can provide him or her with the desirable product. Moreover, a professional printing service will assure its customers of the product’s quality and even provide a client with a several-day warranty, which should be asked for in any case. Cost-effectiveness is an important point of a good banner service seller, which has to be ready to provide any banner size of high quality to make the right impression to deliver a proper message to a potential customer.

A large vinyl banner has a huge number of advantages and benefits it can bring and should definitely be considered by everyone who needs promotional material for a wide range of purposes, including advertising of companies and their products, decorating birthday parties, solemn weddings, and concerts and even setting a serious meeting or a conference. Banners of this type have high quality, and versatility, and are not expensive at all. It is not a surprise that so many people decide to choose vinyl banners instead of other forms of advertising, saving money and catching the eyes of many potential customers.

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